Regina Byrne, Leadership Coach and Communication Expert

Helping people communicate clearly in the workplace so everything works better, which leads to better business.


Clear communication at work brings improved relationships, positive team work, and better business. Wouldn't you like to have more of that in your workplace?


All the best laid plans, strategies and procedures don't deliver what we expect, and often fall apart when we fail to communicate well, and we do that... a lot.


Communication really IS everything at work, and I'm on a mission to improve it. I want us to have better workplaces, with more creativity and energy.

I want us all doing better and feeling better.  

And the way to do that?

Through Having Real Conversations at work.


I work with business owners and managers at every level, with individuals and teams to help people communicate clearly and positively.

We get clear about the roles and relationships, figure out how to get the team working well together, understand how to get your message across to others, and how you can begin to hear what's really going in your department or company ...and deal with it.  


I help you recognise the different ways you need to communicate, and you learn to avoid those gaps between what you say and what others think you mean.

Check out the ways that I can help transform your working relationships and team dynamics and hear what others have experienced or email me to arrange a real conversation about your situation and how I can help.