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Great management begins with REAL conversations.

Many of the problems we face in the workplace would be resolved much sooner—or wouldn’t even arise—if we were having REAL conversations. Participants in a real conversation are willing to connect and engage with what’s actually going on. Facing up to issues and talking them through without using management speak is a skill we all need to develop more. I support people to adopt approaches that are authentic to them and lead to better outcomes for themselves and their staff. 

So what are REAL conversations?

R – Relevant

The conversation has a purpose, which needs to be stated clearly and simply. 

E -  Engaging

A real conversation is a two-way process. We need to be aware of the other person, of how they are and what they might need from us.

A – Authentic

We need to connect with the person by bringing our true selves to the conversation. We're aware of how we're communicating and the impact we have. We know what how to encourage others to connect with us and what we want to share. 

L – Listening

It is through listening and paying attention that we show people that they matter and what they have to say is valued. 

Committing to REAL conversations in work and business transforms everything.

Real conversations promote increased levels of motivation, co-operation and team work. Team members hold each other accountable and expect positive results. They develop self-managing behaviours, take the initiative, and make good decisions. 

Real conversations:

  •    Help staff accept change and move forward positively
  •    Deal with challenging and unhelpful behaviours
  •    Show staff members they are appreciated and recognised 
  •    Challenge staff to do their best and motivate them to deliver to targets and deadlines
  •    Involve and respect the input of the individual and the team, boosting morale
  •    Bring teams together and energise them to meet goals under tough conditions
  •    Generate focused and helpful communication, limiting the potential for mistakes or conflict
  •    Save money by avoiding time wasted on ineffective approaches

How do you know if you should be having REAL conversations? 

  •  You need your team to accept a new way of working or a change in the workplace 
  •   You or your boss are avoiding important issues
  •   You need your immediate manager to change something that’s not working 
  •   You need to report to your board about a complex issue 
  •   You work with people!

REAL conversations help companies save money. Change only takes place when it is required—not as a way to avoid discussing and dealing with outstanding issues. Having real conversations means you're managing the tough stuff, and building on the good. 

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