DANNY GILLEN - Head of Soft Facilites Management Lothian Health

"I’m now confident to have effective conversations at a senior level and have people listen and really hear me."

When my role changed to a strategic project management role I wanted to ensure that I would continue to have impact and influence. I’d always been an intuitive manager with a strong sense of what needed to change or be done but what I lacked were the techniques and sophistication to communicate my ideas effectively. The issues I was struggling with were chipping away at my self confidence.

One of the key skills Regina taught me was how to break down the work and communicate regularly with the senior team. The result was faster progress, greater confidence in my work and greater trust in my ability to deliver from my senior managers. Before working with Regina, I struggled to have the conversations that really mattered. Previously, I would always have felt anxious about presenting something to senior managers. Now I am able to confidently deliver my message. 

I went in to coaching with a degree of scepticism but I am now a total convert and a big advocate of the value of coaching. Regina is super at what she does. She cuts through all of the irrelevant stuff and gets straight to the heart of what matters in any issue.

I have more self belief and I’ve turned from a manager into a leader.  Regina has also helped me make some really important decisions regarding my career direction, helping me see a longer term picture. I now enjoy my work and feel excited about my long term prospects.