MEERA VYAS SPARKS - Operational Manager, Technology Support

"After just a few weeks working with Regina I got my life back!"

I got in touch with Regina when I had been promoted to a senior management role in my organisation, and was facing a lot of challenges.  I felt very confused in my new role, I was trying to please everyone; never saying no to anyone, and it was impacting on my self-confidence. My work load was very heavy and the organisation was going through a period of significant change and restructure. I felt the pressure to work late and I was taking work home which was having a negative impact on my family life. 

After just a few weeks of working with Regina I got my life back! My work life balance had been terrible but Regina quickly helped me to evaluate what I was doing so that I could start focusing on what was really important in my job. She helped me get organised and get my time back. I now have quality time at home with my family.

Regina is a very experienced and warm person to work with. She is really honest and is not afraid to ask the challenging questions, She totally absorbed my situation and I always felt I had her full attention. She has an ability to recall everything; names, situations and projects, and so she was great at following up on situations we had discussed. 

Six months on and I have a new level of focus in my work which has had a massive positive impact.