VEE SMITH - The Biz Tech Wiz

"Regina's suggestions and solutions were exactly right for  my business."

Since starting my business 10 years ago, it’s grown and the management of the team had become a problem. I’m now much busier with client and marketing work and was being interrupted to resolve issues, disrupting my workflow and making me less productive. A change in how my team communicated was needed, but what and how to manage this without reducing the effectiveness of the team really stumped me.

Enter Regina! Regina is amazing at being able to understand people, what motivates them and their working style! In fact, it was quite eerie how spot on she was and this revelation made it much easier to work out a new system of communicating that didn’t disrupt or undermine anyone’s work flow. Regina helped me to strengthen the bond with the team members (which is a challenge as we rarely meet up in person) and reinforced that they were empowered to take ownership of their client work. 

The new method of communicating is working. I’m feeling a lot less stressed and able to get on with the things that I need to do without unscheduled interruptions.

What I love about Regina’s style is that she listens, absorbs, asks questions, listens, absorbs, so that when she’s talking it’s as if she’s known me and my business for a life-time and her suggestions and solutions are exactly the right thing for my business to move forward.